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spotflux is a system security tool that allows you to browse the web without having to worry about virus attacks and web trackers. It is basically a VPN solution that encrypts all your Internet activity so that no one can track you. If someone tries to track your IP address, all they will see is a spotflux IP address, located in the USA, not your home IP address.

This application, unlike many similar solutions out there, does not limit the content that you can access while connected to their servers. Thus, you will be able to use it to bypass geographical restrictions on websites like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and so on. I tested it with Hulu, and it worked like a charm.

Once installed, spotflux will run from the taskbar. You can right click on its icon to disable and enable the service, access the settings and quite the application.

I like the fact that spotflux doesn't put ads everywhere, like other applications do. After a while, I even forgot the program was installed because it is really unobtrusive.

While I was testing it with, the video player uninterrupted its duration. There were no buffer breaks and the quality was good. For a free service, spotflux performs quite well.

José Fernández
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  • Very easy to set up
  • Proxy support
  • Good performance
  • No content restrictions
  • No ads


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